Weekend Edition


I'm slowly recovering from the mania that was my week and finally back home to sweet home Chicago! There is no feeling quite like coming home (yes, I'm officially 100 years old).

I'm playing house this weekend and chasing after the incredibly loud/crazy/fast/diabolical/adorable kids I used to babysit for in college while their parents get a well deserved vacation. So basically I'm trading one form of exhaustion for the other. But I can't even bring myself to care because we are going to the zoo, darn it, and the zoo is basically my favorite place on the planet.  

Plus I'm obviously a glutton for punishment. BRING IT ON.

If you are not like me and find yourself with some free time this weekend, you should check out some of these finds from around the internet:

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(Image by Scott Harrison for the LA Times)

Around the Studio

Holy cow.

Let's talk numbers, ok?

In the past 4 days, I have:

  • traveled 5,648 miles through the air
  • driven 216 miles in a car
  • penciled 175 envelopes
  • ran 20 miles
  • guzzled 15 cups of coffee
  • been asked by 7 different people some variation of, "I'll bet you get this all the time...but how tall are you?" (not. kidding.)
  • sat in 5 different planes
  • ran like a crazy person through 4 different airports
  • experienced 2 cancelled flights
  • witnessed 1 wedding
  • ...and am now trying hard to not even think about the negative numbers I am racking up in sleep deficits.


I am tired. Actually, I might be beyond tired. Like, maybe not a new-mother-seeing-double-can't-remember-the-last-time-I-saw-the-inside-of-my-eyelids kind of tired, but I'm definitely beyond the college-student-cramming-for-finals-after-months-of-not-paying-attention-in-class. I think I'm starting to hallucinate (Ron Swanson? Is that you? Can you tell me how to go off the grid, please, fast, so I can get some sleep?)

I had great plans for detailed posts this week, but they are just not going to happen. Instead, you're going to to get an up close and personal look (beyond the thumbnails on my Work page) at some of the projects I've been up to lately (while I go pass out in this gigantic bed awaiting me in Jackson, Mississippi, and become reacquainted with my favorite friend on the planet, Sleep). 

Good. Night.

. . .

Hand drawn cards for my best friend's birthday:


Elegant envelopes for a winter wedding:

Custom verse for a sweet baby shower:

And the funnest envelopes in all the lands:

Weekend Edition

What's on your agenda for the weekend? I'm heading to San Diego for a part wedding, part college reunion with some of my favorite people on the planet (!) and am thinking about giving AirBnB a shot for the first time (have you seen their wish lists?! No joke, if I end up trying and get something half as nice I'm giving up my lease and living out of these places permanently). Till next week, here are some ideas to keep you company this weekend:

How to choose the best wines under $10

How to have your job (and family, too)

How to find the best clothes at flea markets

How to make (and use) summer fruit shrub

How to clean up your finances

How to cook like a professional chef

How to spell like a hipster

How to avoid the worst wood finishes

How to make cold brew coffee

How to dress up a boring cake

(Image by teresacfreitas)

How to Keep Up with Current Events

We’ve all been there: you’re out to lunch with your friends/at a happy hour for work/on a first date/insert social situation here and someone asks you what you’re thinking about the Greek debt crisis/the insane number of GOP candidates/Ben and Jennifer’s divorce/insert current event here.

Sheer. Panic.  

Wait…there’s a crisis in Greece? What even qualifies as a crisis these days? Are we talking a lost IOU or a full on nuclear meltdown…? Also can someone please tell me how am I even expected to keep up with the 2016 election when I can’t even keep up with my laundry, I mean seriously. Give me a break. And OMG WHEN DID BEN AND JENNIFER CALL IT QUITS?? I need wine.

I’ve always been totally fascinated by current events, going so far as studying politics in college, living in DC for a year, researching public opinion at a think tank, working in financial regulation…I’m a bit of a news junkie. And I get asked the same question over and over and over:

How can I keep up with current events when I don't have any time?

I've tried it all over the years and narrowed down my processes to an art form. Here are my steps to staying in the know in all their glory: the holy grail of how to stay up to date with the news (when you barely have time to find yourself dinner).



1. Get the News Delivered to Your Inbox

Save yourself one snooze every morning an read one of these newsletters instead. They do the hard work - gathering the most important news from yesterday's headlines and summarizing it so you can catch up on what's important (fast!)

Fave All-Around: The Skimm (news, guide, and pop culture, all in one sassy place)

Runners Up: Quartz Daily Brief (best for business and tech news), Politico Playbook (best if you want a look inside The Beltway), National Journal Edge (best for legislative pipeline), TIME Brief (best for world news)

2. Let the Internet Do the Hard Work

Don't worry about checking more than one news site to make sure you get the headlines when the top news stories break - instead, check one of these cheat sheets throughout the day to find out what matters now.

Fave All-Around: The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet (disclaimer: this site is skewed way, way left, but it's updated in real time and gives you the top ten news stories at the minute you check)

Runners Up: WSJ What's News (best for domestic and business headlines), Google News (best for trending headlines), BBC Trends (best for international headlines), Breaking News (best for one sentence summaries of breaking stories)

3. Download an App for That

Getting your news packaged to you in a quick, readable format? There's an app for that! These apps work on your phone and tablet to take stories from a million different sources and deliver it to you in a beautiful and easily understood way.

Fave All-Around: Flipboard (news and media "magazine" of headlines)

Runners Up: Bloglovin (best for RSS feeds), Zite (best for personalized recommendations), Pocket (best for reading and saving articles for later)

4. Get Notified in Real Time

These sources can send automatic breaking news alerts to your phone and inbox, allowing you to keep on top of big stories the minute they break - without needing to find a TV or read extensive coverage.

Fave All-Around: AP (great app, great Twitter feed, and great picture coverage)

Runners Up: CNN (best for quickly updated news coverage), Politico Breaking News (best for US legislation), Breaking News (best for global coverage), New York Times (best for geopolitical coverage).


'Sea Fever' Custom Lettering

Fun fact about me: during the day I masquerade as an advisory consultant, which basically means that I have to dress up every day, I get to boss corporations around, and I have to travel. A lot. Here’s how it works:

I get up at 3 AM every Monday morning, sleepily throw on a pair of heels and a dress, and rush out the door to the airport for the first flight out. I’m somewhere different every week, depending on the client, and don’t return home until late on Thursday nights, leaving me the weekend to do laundry catch up with friends before starting it all over again on Monday.

Yes, it’s exhausting. Yes, I am more caffeine than person 98.9% of the time.

The great part about this whole scenario, though, is that I am able to keep up with so many people I love without worrying about distance. I spent the majority of this year in New York City and was supremely lucky to see many of my dearest friends from high school and college every week, even though I technically live hundreds of miles away. It’s insane to me that I could be grabbing coffee with a friend at Jane NYC one morning and dinner with another friend that same night at the Publican Chicago. Technology, man. The Jetsons weren’t far off.

One of my New York friends asked me to write this poem by John Masefield for her a few weeks ago. What beautiful words. When I started my job I felt this deeply, the wild and clear call to go, see, move. But Masefield got it right. A quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick’s over. I can ask for nothing more.