'Sea Fever' Custom Lettering

Fun fact about me: during the day I masquerade as an advisory consultant, which basically means that I have to dress up every day, I get to boss corporations around, and I have to travel. A lot. Here’s how it works:

I get up at 3 AM every Monday morning, sleepily throw on a pair of heels and a dress, and rush out the door to the airport for the first flight out. I’m somewhere different every week, depending on the client, and don’t return home until late on Thursday nights, leaving me the weekend to do laundry catch up with friends before starting it all over again on Monday.

Yes, it’s exhausting. Yes, I am more caffeine than person 98.9% of the time.

The great part about this whole scenario, though, is that I am able to keep up with so many people I love without worrying about distance. I spent the majority of this year in New York City and was supremely lucky to see many of my dearest friends from high school and college every week, even though I technically live hundreds of miles away. It’s insane to me that I could be grabbing coffee with a friend at Jane NYC one morning and dinner with another friend that same night at the Publican Chicago. Technology, man. The Jetsons weren’t far off.

One of my New York friends asked me to write this poem by John Masefield for her a few weeks ago. What beautiful words. When I started my job I felt this deeply, the wild and clear call to go, see, move. But Masefield got it right. A quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick’s over. I can ask for nothing more.