Around the Studio

Holy cow.

Let's talk numbers, ok?

In the past 4 days, I have:

  • traveled 5,648 miles through the air
  • driven 216 miles in a car
  • penciled 175 envelopes
  • ran 20 miles
  • guzzled 15 cups of coffee
  • been asked by 7 different people some variation of, "I'll bet you get this all the time...but how tall are you?" (not. kidding.)
  • sat in 5 different planes
  • ran like a crazy person through 4 different airports
  • experienced 2 cancelled flights
  • witnessed 1 wedding
  • ...and am now trying hard to not even think about the negative numbers I am racking up in sleep deficits.


I am tired. Actually, I might be beyond tired. Like, maybe not a new-mother-seeing-double-can't-remember-the-last-time-I-saw-the-inside-of-my-eyelids kind of tired, but I'm definitely beyond the college-student-cramming-for-finals-after-months-of-not-paying-attention-in-class. I think I'm starting to hallucinate (Ron Swanson? Is that you? Can you tell me how to go off the grid, please, fast, so I can get some sleep?)

I had great plans for detailed posts this week, but they are just not going to happen. Instead, you're going to to get an up close and personal look (beyond the thumbnails on my Work page) at some of the projects I've been up to lately (while I go pass out in this gigantic bed awaiting me in Jackson, Mississippi, and become reacquainted with my favorite friend on the planet, Sleep). 

Good. Night.

. . .

Hand drawn cards for my best friend's birthday:


Elegant envelopes for a winter wedding:

Custom verse for a sweet baby shower:

And the funnest envelopes in all the lands: