What to Wear: Summer Wedding

Oh my stars. The wedding this weekend was absolutely stunning. Apart from the fact that I spent most of my weekend on the beach with my best friends from college, the wedding itself was unreal. It was held under the stars at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe and my friend Abby planned every detail to perfection, from the rosé to the popsicles to the hand stamped menus. 

I always seem to have the hardest time finding the right dresses to wear to outdoor weddings in the summer. I mean, beyond the fact that most dresses are magically transformed into shirts whenever I wear them (one of these days I'm going to write a book and it is going to be called "My Life as a Human Skyscraper: The Hazards of the Tall Woman's Existence" and there are going to be three whole chapters dedicated to how much pain my people experience when shopping), it's hard to strike the right balance between dressy/casual, elegant/comfortable. I ended up going with this little number (1. thank you, God, for midi skirts 2. don't let this site fool you - I've had great luck here!), but found a few other excellent options that should tide you over for the rest of the summer and into fall:

Top image by Louie Abellera from a wedding I attended last summer.