Weekend Edition


I'm slowly recovering from the mania that was my week and finally back home to sweet home Chicago! There is no feeling quite like coming home (yes, I'm officially 100 years old).

I'm playing house this weekend and chasing after the incredibly loud/crazy/fast/diabolical/adorable kids I used to babysit for in college while their parents get a well deserved vacation. So basically I'm trading one form of exhaustion for the other. But I can't even bring myself to care because we are going to the zoo, darn it, and the zoo is basically my favorite place on the planet.  

Plus I'm obviously a glutton for punishment. BRING IT ON.

If you are not like me and find yourself with some free time this weekend, you should check out some of these finds from around the internet:

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(Image by Scott Harrison for the LA Times)

Weekend Edition

What's on your agenda for the weekend? I'm heading to San Diego for a part wedding, part college reunion with some of my favorite people on the planet (!) and am thinking about giving AirBnB a shot for the first time (have you seen their wish lists?! No joke, if I end up trying and get something half as nice I'm giving up my lease and living out of these places permanently). Till next week, here are some ideas to keep you company this weekend:

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I’m so glad you’re here. I have much to show and even more to tell but for now we’ll stick with what I’ve been working on lately and what I know to be true: that words are meaningful and the written word has power. I hope the power stories is clear in my work, from the smallest place card to the ramblingest blog post.

Here are some things you can do here: you can take a look at some of my work, scratch you head and wonder what I’ll be putting up in the shop, get to know me a little bit better, and ask me to work with you.

And there’s more in store (hopefully), all for the low price of free ninety-nine plus shipping and handing! You can’t pass up a deal like that (I’m Dutch, I should know). So stick with me! I’m excited to show you what’s next.